Government-Related Sites

ADR Sites

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Federal Agencies and Programs
Lists over thirty websites for major federal agencies and their dispute resolution programs for employees.

Interagency ADR Working Group – U.S. Dept. of Justice
Click here for the Interagency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group

Massachusetts Court System
Click here for Massachusetts Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution 

U.S. Dept. of Labor Program on ADR

United States Court of Federal Claims Includes information about the Court's alternative dispute resolution plan.

General Governmental Sites - Federal

Federal Gateway

U.S. House of Representatives
Click here for the House of Representatives Office of the Clerk

U.S. Senate

The White House

Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Search the U.S. Code
Click here for the contents and context of the U.S. Code.

THOMAS – Legislative Information on the Internet

Library of Congress

Law Library of Congress

U.S. Census Bureau

National Institute of Mental Health

U.S. Dept of Justice

U.S. Dept of Commerce

U.S. Dept of Labor

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Postal Service

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

General Governmental Sites - Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Homepage

Massachusetts Legislature – General Laws
Click here for amendments through April 2009
Click here to search within Massachusetts General Laws

The Courts

Supreme Court of the U.S.

U.S. Federal Courts Finder

Federal Judicial Center

Massachusetts Court System

National Center for State Courts